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BTS with BE, Cassandra DiMicco and Photographer Dave Mendoza (Part 2)

We’ve back with more BTS looks of our shoot with Blogger Cassandra and Photographer Dave Mendoza. Inspired by hollywood glam, with a twist of contemporary influences. If you haven’t already, check out part one here.

Shoot styled by: Cassandra of Dressed for Dreams
Hair and Makeup: by Betsy Elisa Inc

Cassandra prepping for look two

Elisa prepping Cassandra for look two

betsy styling cassandra's hair

Elisa prepping Cassandra for look two

Betsy and Elisa prepping Cassandra for look two

Cassandra in look two

Cassandra final touches in look two

cassandra selfie moment

cassandra posing for dave

cassandra social media posting

cassandra posing for dave

Stay tuned this week for part three of our behind the scenes look! Feeling inspired? Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more! Share with a fellow beauty <3

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