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About BetsyElisa

About BetsyElisa

We (Betsy Reyes, Hair and Elisa Tallerico, Makeup) are the founders of BetsyElisa Inc – an on-demand hair and makeup team based out of New York City!

Our Beginnings

The BetsyElisa partnership began during the height of MTV live shows like TRL, where we were leads for the hair and makeup department at the network. At the time, our clients exclusively consisted of celebrity and beauty for high profile red carpet events.

After a few years of that, we noticed more and more people were approaching us for private beauty needs – anything from weddings to parties. What started as just a response to the demand for a higher quality of service, has now grown into our full service beauty agency, BetsyElisa!

Our Team

Once we decided that we wanted to open up our beauty services to all of New York City, we spent years curating a talented team of artists to support this vision. Our team is a collection of the most skilled artists in the beauty industry, who have been hand-selected to give you professional results at the standard we’ve established.

Our Services

Hair and Makeup by BetsyElisa

We’re excited to offer a full range of beauty services to help you prep for any occasion on your social calendar. From weddings and proms to private parties and work functions, no event is too big or too small for you to make a memorable entrance. Look and feel gorgeous no matter where life takes you, and treat yourself to hair and makeup on demand.

Your Team

BetsyElisa will pair you with the artists who fits your beauty needs and budget – artists will meet you at the location of your choice, for a personal on-demand beauty sessions.

Your Schedule

Anytime, anywhere, our artists are available – from weddings, to your last minute events, our artists are available round the clock to provide you with the beauty look of your dreams.

Your Beauty

Be as you’ve imagined, with BetsyElisa beauty – NYC’s top choice for personal, high quality hair and makeup services.