Alexa at MTV

We’re continuing our “Get To Know” Team BE series with Hairstylist Alexa, who’s been with styling Betsy Elisa for over 6 years! Read up on Alexa’s start and journey in her career below.

Alexa on set

Alexa! How long have you been with Betsy Elisa Inc? And how did you get started?

In 2010, I was heading to a work party with my cousin, and before the party I’d cut off about 10 inches off her hair to give her a new style. That was the night I met Betsy. When we saw Betsy at the party she complimented her hair, and asked who cut it. She told Betsy about my work as a hairstylist, and we exchanged info. A few months later I was assisting Betsy on a commercial shoot.

It opened my eyes to a whole new world of HAIR. I was hungry for more so I assisted her as much as I could on my free days, while working at my salon.

Alexa Styling

What was your experience in styling prior to BE?

My father has been a hairstylist for over 35 years and has been my biggest mentor. In 2005 he opened the doors to his very own salon 25 minutes outside Philadelphia in PA. Before BE, I was working full time at my fathers salon where I still have a clientele that I see. It was when I began to work and assist Betsy that really began my whole journey into the hair styling world, hairpieces, extensions, and wigs to name a few. From there it was endless creative opportunities for me.

Alexa in the makeup room

What is your most memorable moment in your BE career?

I got a chance to work a premiere party, for a well known film, styling the hair for all of the cast. They had us set up in a conference room in a hotel. I remember being very nervous, as I was one of the only newer artists working the event, and I was so afraid I would be “exposed”. It turned out to be one of the greatest moments and learning experiences for me. I ended up working the two day press event for the movie, and the makeup artist I worked with brought me on other press events after that. It was definitely a time when I felt I’d accomplished something amazing.

Alexa sitting

Besides your dad, who/what else were your inspirations in pursuing a career in beauty?

Ever since I was younger I’ve always wanted people to feel good, and I love meeting new people. It was just a natural fit for me. I can’t say I have specific people that inspire me; I take lessons from everyone. Even an assistant who’s just starting out can teach me new things, because there’s always new things to learn. Especially today, with Instagram and social media, everyone has their own way of doing things and you can always learn from that – there’s always room for growth and changing.

Alexa styling hair

Do you have any tips for upcoming artists in your field?

I’d definitely say be genuine and be yourself. Stay honest… don’t let your ego get in the way. Take every experience as a learning experience. Remain humble because you’re constantly learning.

Also, on a more technical note, be sure to educate yourself on the different hair eras, and take the time to learn from people who specialize in the different skills that you may not have.

Alexa in makeup room

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