Halloween Inspiration

Model: Cilene
Photographer: Tan
Hair and Makeup by Gina & Marissa

Step One: Start with a clear face.
Step Two: Begin by sealing brows, using Elmer’s glue to hold the brows in place, and following that up with Duo’s Eyelash Glue to seal the brow.
Step Three: Using the green flash color from Makeup Forever’s Flash Palette, paint over the entirety of the face, including the neck for the full effect. Go over the green face using a translucent powder to set. Using the yellow flash color, highlight the cheekbones, forehead, nose and chin. To make highlights pop, feel free to go over them using a golden or yellow shimmered eye shadow.
Step Four: Mix the green and black flash colors to create a darker shade of green, that will be used to create shadow lines alongside the highlights. Use a brush to smudge out the lines downward, across the face, without bleeding into the next shadow.
Step Five: Apply a yellow flash color across the eyelid, followed by a MAC Gold Pigment Eyeshadow as a base for the open eye effect. Use MAC’s fluid liner in black to draw the eye detail in the crease, and under the eyes. Fill in the lower eye detail with the white flash color from the Make Up For Ever Palette.
Step Six: Use a stencil or fishnet head cap to create the scale shapes across the cheeks and forehead. After applying color over fishnet or stencil, use the MAC fluid line liner to define each scale. Go over the entire forehead and across the cheeks with the gold glitter to add more dimension.
Step Seven: Finish the look by applying false lashes on the upper and lower lash line, and outlining the lips with the black flash color from the palette. Go over the lined lips with MAC Cosmetic’s Love Child Lip Glass.
Prep with a heat protectant. Use PuffMe’s Volumizing Mist, and backcomb section by section. Flat iron each backcombed section, to then mold and pin into your desired shape. The more abstract the better! Braid extension hair for snakes, and pin into place to create shapes and balance. Finish with color hair spray and shine spray!