Rosalba Santos with a Bold Lip for BetsyElisa Inc Rosalba Santos for BetsyElisa Inc

Recognizing trends and finding inspiration is the start of style. And adding your personality, is key to creating an effortless look that is all your own. Model Rosalba has natural striking features. So in creating her beauty look, it was important to highlight her strengths with ease.

Hairstylist Betsy pulled from the trends seen during NYFW, of long fringes paired with retro inspired ponies. From that inspiration, she brought to life the beautiful updo pictured on Rosalba above. Makeup Artist Elisa was inspired by the everyday woman; the woman who may not have loads of time to get ready, but still wants to look polished and bold without being overdone.

The look is centralized with the choice of the dark plum lip. The lips, accentuated with a strong bold brow, maintains the balance of the makeup pairing. Boldness doesn’t have to mean overdone or wearing a heavy face, if balance is present.

Model: Rosalba
Photographer: Tan
Hair and Makeup by Betsy & Elisa

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