Melanie for BetsyElisa Beauty classic Beauty Melanie for BetsyElisa Beauty classic Beauty

Recently, BetsyElisa got the chance to do an in-studio look with model Melanie, who also happens to be a childhood friend of Betsy’s. Melanie’s tremendous head of hair was the inspiration behind this effortless and classic hair and makeup duo pictured above.

Melanie for BetsyElisa Beauty classic Beauty

Hairstylist Betsy placed all the focus of this look on Melanie’s thick strands, but accentuating them with her T3 Curling Wand (1.5″). The wand leaves the hair with a soft and silk finish, and creates a natural movement to the hair.

When you have so much of something already, there’s very little you need to add to it. Elisa opted for a barely there makeup look, choosing to enhance Melanie’s natural beauty for this look. A great inspiration for the every day working woman who doesn’t need much to solidify her look.

Model: Melanie
Photographer: Tan
Hair and Makeup by Betsy & Elisa

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