Often, the first time you have your hair and makeup done by the pros will be during a wedding trial — the time when you test out what bridal look you may want for your big day. But where do you start when choosing which styles to test? There are many challenging “firsts” happening while planning your wedding — this trial should not be one of them.

Read on for how BE suggests you prepare for your wedding trial to minimize your stress and maximize your bridal beauty.

Wedding Trial

DO wash your hair:

Let’s start off with the first myth that spouts, “Come to the trial with dirty hair.” Friends, this is a huge no-no! Leaving hair greasy can ruin a look entirely, making hair too flat for your artists to create a different part in your hair, among other styling issues. Plus, on your wedding day, you want fresh clean hair, for the day-of festivities and that day-after brunch.

At Team BE, we have products that help hair make maintain its texture without becoming too soft while also creating that pleasant feeling of dirty hair —  while still smelling great and staying away from greasy build-up! For Betsy, she always asks her clients to have freshly washed hair so she may prepare the hair with the perfect products chosen specifically for each look. When followed by a gentle blowout, Betsy ensures your hair reaches its desired looks.

DO test several looks:

Remember to focus on “looks” — plural. When prepping for your wedding, you should always test more that one look. Don’t forget to take photographs of each test from all angles, including from the front, back, and both sides of your face. On you actual nuptial day, you want to feel good having the camera capture you from any vantage point at the altar or on the dance floor.

DO bring hair accessories:

Whether you want to try a veil, jewels, or hair extensions, bring them to your session. For example, if Betsy’s clients are interested in hair extensions, she helps them get fixed up prior to a wedding’s trial appointment.

DO make an inspiration board:

Before heading to your appointment, create a Pinterest Board of items and styles that inspire what looks you want to achieve, then send it to your stylist in an email. For Betsy, she likes to have her clients send her photos for inspiration along with a selfie, especially if the client is planning to wear hair extensions. When prepping your own trial, choose two or more photos per look you wish to try.

DO touch up your roots:

When you walk into your appointment, you should have your hair color exactly as you plan to wear it for your wedding day. Hair color truly can change a look in its entirety, so make sure you have your roots touched up and your color set at least one week prior to your wedding trial and wedding day.

DON’T choose a wildcard style:

If you never wear your hair up — not even to the gym — then don’t wear your hair up for your wedding! In other words, don’t use your wedding to try to style your hair in a way you normally would never choose. You want to feel comfortable and secure, so now is not the time to try something new.